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    The Adventure Bike Debate



    So you’ve reached that age where a little comfort is needed but you wish to reminisce of the days scrambling through the woods or dirt tracks in your younger years.  The risks of trying to get your knee down on public roads and the knowledge of 280kph plus, is just a twist of the throttle away have the better of you.  And probably for good reason!  However, the buzz, thrill and passion still survive.  So if Chris Birch and Ewan McGregor can do it, then so can I, right?

    Well of course you can, but don’t be fooled by the array of action cam snippets and clever editing for Youtube that are designed to scoop us in to the excitement or the glory of the rider showing off! 

    Putting videos designed to entice us to one side, what bike should you buy for true adventure.

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